You Get What You Feed !

What you care and believe in most is what people will see in you each day. If your questions are centered around customer service as you walk around, then staff will better understand it should be their concern and focus as well. The same will be prevalent if your discussions surround the weekend social events and then you may wonder why there seems to be much socializing instead of the business-at-hand collaboration you hope stimulates discussion.

Let me put it this way, “you get what you feed”. If the top feeds, but the sup/mgr’s don’t believe or instill into their goals, or if the top does not have or constantly pursue a vision, how can anyone else tap this vision or strategic alignment in their daily work. If we are ALL heading down a path together, the path better be clear, focused, and direction oriented. This is simply the company vision and strategic initiatives.

As sup/mgr’s talk to staff each day, is it clear how they fit into the vision and strategic direction of the company? Making clear inferences on the connection between specific work done and the effect on the whole company or division, links the employee directly and brings importance to their role.

Action: Verbally link in “what you believe in” into your daily/weekly discussions. Try picking one vision point and discussing within communication this week, don’t wait.