Show Your Stuff

A company vision should be demonstrated throughout for all to acknowledge. If there was a thing called lifeblood in an organization, the vision would be the replication of this, permeating into all areas, levels and divisions, duplicated into written documents, signs, verbal discussions, and most of all performance evaluations.

Instilling vision and direction into the fabric of a company is not easy and could take time. But like all developing initiatives, watching the change over time can be exciting, especially as you hear pieces unfolding in groups or individuals. The question of the day is how can you help stimulate this is your organization.

Aligning your employees into the company vision should not be by default, exception, or thought of as added value. To the company it is your value. We align each staff member to our company vision by yearly connecting each of their goals to a component, and then discussing this each quarter until the year end final evaluation. Incorporate and you will feel the lifeblood moving into staff.

Here are some very simple ways of extending the company vision to all employees. This should be done only after the vision and strategic initiatives are developed, written, and instilled into leadership:
• Put your vision statement or byline at the bottom of all your emails, before your confidentiality statement. Does anyone actual read the confidentiality statements; they may read your vision statement.
• Displayed around the office, how about above your marker board in your conference room.
• Incorporate into your letters, or even better your company letterhead
• Discuss and instill at performance evaluations. This is the one-on-one time to clarify, walk the talk, show the importance and value personally. Remember, staff are watching you.
• End or start company meetings with: “what have we done this week to show…………..”.


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