Carve out your best 2-hour time period each day, then get to work

All of us get so busy with to-dos, projects, voice-mails, etc. I receive over 250 emails a day, and there is no way I can get to a level of specificity with each one, let alone the phone calls and voice mails. So how do you orient and prioritize your day to make the most out of the limited time left for the real important, project-line items.

I carve out 2 hours, my best two hours each day, and try very hard to keep this time allocated just for my to-do list. I have found that from 9-11:00am I am running at my best (thinking, energy, alertness), therefore that becomes my carve-out each day. In my daily calendar these two-hour’s are highlighted and I try very hard not to schedule other meetings during this period.

This advice goes very well with our earlier post “Don’t respond to email … yet”, when both of these actions can be implemented each day/week. Try blocking out two hours; let us know your success.

Action: Lets start with one week and then expand to a year.

Starting next week, block out your two hour period for 5 days

  • After the 5 days, reflect back on your week and ask yourself these questions:
  1. How well did I stick to the block-out time
  2. Did I get more accomplished on my important projects
  3. Did you start telling others this was your “no meeting time”
  4. Is it time to expand for the year – all 2013 ?

Reply and let us know how you did during the first week and after.