Extra Effort Makes it Yours

So many people- staff, managers, bosses, come and go in organizations. Then we hire someone to take their place and what’s the first thing we try to organize- “we will have you meet and work with the leaving employee so you can understand their job and role”. There’s a fine line between getting something old or something new and creative. Sure, the new person should “understand” and know the “specifics” of the role, but please don’t let it end there. Everyone wants to leave a mark, something different, something their own.

Make sure the new person knows that they are bringing in new, important, and possibly different experiences that may make the products and outcomes further then before. Treat them and tell them they are almost consultants, where they need to understand the process, but we all can expect different outcomes, sometimes much more then with the last employee. Where would you be, what new directions would your business take if everyone brought more then the last.

To Do: At one of your next one-on-ones with a staff member, tell them to come in Monday morning acting as a consultant, not just an employee. You may find out that many staff have great thoughts and ideas.


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